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Pest Control – Get Fleas Off Your Lawn ASAP!

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Are you worried about the pest infestation in your home? Do you need professional help from an exterminator to remove the pests from your home? You should first know how to control these pests in your home before you call a professional pest control agent. Because of this, the effective removal of pests often becomes very difficult, and hence the infestation continues to grow.

If you want to effectively eliminate pests like fleas from your home, but still having second thoughts because of misconceptions, then here are several flea myths that you should be aware of and forget if you really want to achieve the desired pest control for your home. Most people often associate pest control with sprays and gases which can prove to be harmful to humans as well as to the environment. There are a few chemicals that are not very effective and are actually more harmful than good when it comes to pest control. Here are some of these harmful chemicals:

Female flea control: It is widely believed that Female fleas lay eggs. This doesn’t seem right; eggs are only produced by the female fleas and not by the males. The eggs laid by the females are called hemorrhoids, while the eggs laid by the males are called cicatricial plaques. If the pest infestation in your home is due to the female fleas’ eggs, then the best form of pest control would be killing the female fleas and stopping their breeding.

Vacuum control: Using a vacuum cleaner is a great form of flea control. Fleas usually thrive on carpet fibers, which makes vacuum cleaning a better option than other alternatives like steam cleaning. While using a vacuum cleaner to ensure that you go through the guidelines provided by the manufacturer, as they usually vary depending on the brand. Also make sure you clean all the draperies and carpets in your home, as well as wash any towels used. By vacuuming infestations thoroughly, you will reduce the chances of reinfestation.

Average Cost of Pest Control: A flea treatment can be quite expensive depending on its size. Usually, medium sized infestations can be treated for less than ten dollars per treatment. However, if your average cost is around five dollars per treatment, it may still be worth spending more for greater results. An infestation can get worse before it gets better, so treating even a small flea extermination can help. If your average cost is much higher than your local hardware store or pharmacy, then you might want to consider getting a professional pest control expert to take care of your problem for you.

Treating for fleas with chemicals can be very hazardous to your pets and house plants, so it is important to only use the correct chemical for the type of infested dwelling. For instance, if your house has a cat or dog, do not use flea killer on them. If your home is full of exotic pets like raccoons, share the use of the appropriate chemicals with the others in your household. Also, remember that there are different kinds of chemicals for cats and dogs, so make sure you get the right product for both pets. If you do not, you may end up making your pet’s sicker or worse.

When choosing your pest extermination service, find out what products they use to kill fleas and ticks as well as fleas and ticks themselves. Also find out what is used on pet bedding, as this will affect the rest of the household. It’s not necessary to use the same product for the entire home. You will also need to inquire about how long the extermination will take. Most companies give you an average time span between flea control treatments.

A lot of pest exterminators recommend that you do not pick up the fleas yourself but instead enlist the help of a pest control professional. This can be a good idea, especially if you have an established relationship with the company you choose. Even so, some companies may try to get their clients to pay for the extermination rather than let them do it themselves. As long as you get fleas treated as soon as they are discovered, you should not have a problem with getting them back. Hopefully you did as much to get them all gone as quickly as possible.